Preparing Pilots for the Authentic Stresses of Flight for 44 years.

The NASTAR Center’s pilot training programs prepare pilots for the authentic stresses of flight, challenging human limits in extreme environments. The Advanced Pilot Training Programs consist of the following courses:

  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

    Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
    Train for a variety of upset conditions, several of which are replicated from actual events. Pilots learn to pull and sustain real G forces during recoveries in a two seat business jet cockpit.
    Course Duration: 1.5 days
    Price: $3,450.00

  • Altitude Awareness Training

    Altitude and Hypoxia Training
    Participants experience hypoxia, loss of color vision, rapid decompression, Time of Useful Consciousness (TUC) and other high altitude hazards. Train in an FAA approved Altitude Chamber.
    Course Duration: 1 day
    Price: $875.00

  • SA and SD Training

    SA and SD Training
    Pilots obtain the knowledge and practical experience to prevent and recover from a loss of SA & SD. Includes flying through several common SD Illusions in our multi-axis GL-2000 flight simulator.
    Course Duration: 1 day
    Price: $950.00

  • Motion Sickness Desensitization

    Motion Sickness Desensitization
    For all forms of Motion Sickness. Learn arousal recognition, breathing and relaxation techniques, followed by desensitization flight profiles in our continuous Yaw simulator.
    Course Duration: 3 days
    Price: $2,300.00

  • Water Survival Training

    Water Survival Training
    Provides pilots, crew and passengers with knowledge and skills for managing unanticipated landings and/or other episodes where open water rescue may be required.
    Course Duration: 2 days
    Price: $2,150.00