Real physiological stresses in a safe and controlled environment.

Our unique flight training simulators prepare pilots to withstand the physiological stresses of flight, including visual and vestibular illusions, elevated G-forces and other human factor issues.

  • Advanced Flight Training Simulators

    Advanced Flight Training System
    The ATFS is an interactive flight training simulator used to train pilots in a variety of upset conditions, everal of which are replicated from actual events.

  • SD/SA Flight Training Simulators

    GYROLAB GL-2000
    An ideal device for spatial disorientation, situational awareness, motion sickness and desensitization, and loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) applications.

  • Altitude Chamber

    Altitude Chamber
    Research or to train personnel to recognize and cope with low oxygen situations such as hypoxia, night vision deficiency and rapid decompression scenarios.

  • General Aviation Trainer

    General Aviation Trainer
    FAA-Approved Flight Training Device (Level 3, FTD) that combines basic flight training, instrument training and Spatial Disorientation.