A safe, medically-monitored setting for research or altitude awareness and hypoxia training.


The NASTAR Center’s altitude chamber provides a safe, controlled and medically-monitored setting to conduct research, or to train personnel to recognize and cope with low oxygen situations such as hypoxia, night vision deficiency and rapid decompression scenarios. Hypoxia presents a serious danger to anyone traveling at high altitudes, such as pilots, space travelers and mountain climbers. The NASTAR Center’s altitude chamber is FAA-approved and our training doctrine follows those used by the USAF, USN and other Militaries worldwide.

  • FAA-Approved Altitude Chamber
  • FAA-Approved Altitude Chamber


Altitude Chamber Training Values

  • Identifies individual physiological responses and ability to function in low oxygen environments.
  • Ability to simulate low/no oxygen emergency situations and procedures such as hypoxia
  • Safe, controlled, medically monitored environment
  • Large chamber accommodates large group sizes and objects
  • Can be used for high altitude testing, including while using pressure suits