Is an FAA-Approved, Level 3, Flight Training Device.

The General Aviation Trainer (GAT-II) is an FAA-Approved Flight Training Device (Level 3, FTD) that combines basic flight training, instrument training and Spatial Disorientation (SD) training in one low-cost, full-motion platform. The VFR/IFR/SD-capable GAT-II features an enclosed cockpit, realistic flight controls and high resolution out-the-window display to provide a highly realistic training environment.

  • General Aviation Trainer
  • General Aviation Trainer

The single engine GAT-II supports ab initio pilot training (VFR) and is a low-cost alternative for pilots to maintain IFR currency. Flight hours in the GAT-II can be logged in accordance with FAR Part 61.
The advanced 3-axes motion system is precisely coordinated with visual display and flight controls to provide a high-fidelity learning environment. Full ±360 degree yaw capability stimulates the vestibular system for SD training, and makes spin training very realistic.

Spatial Disorientation remains a significant cause of accidents, especially when attempting to fly VFR in IMC. Realistic training is the only solution. Spatial disorientation training in a GAT-II places pilots in the exact environments and flight conditions that cause SD. Pilots then learn how to mitigate and fly through various SD episodes.
The GAT-II FIXED WING provides the most critical SD illusions:

  • Leans
  • Coriolis
  • False Horizon Day
  • False Horizon Night
  • Graveyard Spiral
  • Graveyard Spin
  • Dark Take Off
  • Black Hole
  • Runway Width
  • Sloped Runway
  • Autokinesis