Prepare for unanticipated landings and other open water episodes.

Designed with the safety training expert Survival Systems, this water survival training course provides pilots, crew and passengers with knowledge and skills for managing unanticipated landings and/or other episodes where open water rescue may be required.

  • Water Survival Training
  • Water Survival Training


Water Survival Training Benefits Include:

  • Learning factors that cause water emergencies
  • Assessing ability to escape from aircraft (fixed wing and helicopter)
  • Experiencing simulated crashes & survival situations


  • On-Board hazards and emergencies
  • Firefighting in the cabin/cockpit
  • Evacuation and escape
  • Aircraft ditching scenarios & techniques
  • Search and rescue
  • Safety and survival equipment utilization and deployment
  • Effects of hypothermia and hyperthermia, mitigation and survival
  • Survival psychology
  • Personal rescue techniques (signaling, flotation devices, etc.)
  • First aid/medical scenarios
  • Evacuation training through an emergency exit on water

Trainee will be required to demonstrate their ability to swim and tread water.