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Leading Aviation Training Center Specialist Weighs in on Ghost Flight Phenomenon

Ghost Flight Phenomenon

It has been a rough week for general aviation. There have been two relatively high-profile accidents that have affected the community. On Saturday, August 31st retired Harley-Davidson executive Ronald Hutchinson was killed when his Cirrus SR-22 impacted the Atlantic Ocean … Continue reading

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I’ve Had The Academics—Now What?

  By: Paul W. Comtois, Colonel (RET.)   Any good pilot training program consists of a solid foundation of academics. Interaction with an instructor who truly understands the material creates a powerful learning environment. But as aviators, we need to … Continue reading

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Knowing the Limits of Humans and Aircraft Prove Beneficial to Pilots

By Paul Comtois, Colonel (Ret.) There has been a tremendous amount of focus on Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) in recent years due to a number of high profile accidents around the globe—both civilian and military. Emphasis on this topic … Continue reading

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