In upset recovery, altitude and hypoxia awareness, and spatial disorientation.

The NASTAR Center has been training pilots and aircrew for nearly 50 years. Its Advanced Pilot Training (APT) division focuses on immersing trainees in the most realistic training environments possible to simulate potentially dangerous occurrences safely. Our instructors have been hand selected from a variety of different aviation disciplines and each bring years of instructing and flying experience.
With APT’s Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, pilots learn how to recover their aircraft from a variety of different unusual attitudes, many of which are taken directly from NTSB accident reports. Using our Advanced Training Flight System, a high-fidelity G-producing simulator, trainees actually get to feel what it is like to recover an upset airplane.

  • Training Pilots and Aircrew
  • Training Pilots and Aircrew

Recognizing that hypoxia is a significant threat to aircrew, APT offers Altitude Awareness and Hypoxia Training. During this course, pilots get to experience real hypoxia in the safety of our FAA certified altitude chamber, learning their hypoxia symptoms and mitigation techniques. They also safely experience the effects of rapid decompression at high altitude.